Ready to Rumble

Rumble: white rum, lemon juice, simple syrup, muddled blackberries

Rumble (Michael McIlroy via Bartender’s Choice app) |  3 muddled blackberries in old-fashioned glass | crushed ice | 3/4 oz lemon juice | 3/4 oz simple syrup | 2 oz white rum | top with crushed ice | blackberry garnish

There is something appealing about a drink that is created directly in the glass. This one uses few ingredients so it really highlights the base spirit. I can see it working well with other types of clear spirits, gin of course (the drink is Michael McIlroy’s riff on the gin-based Bramble), but also genever or white whiskey. The blackberry adds some depth to what is a simple gin sour. Using other berries or fruit is also an option (or even a fruit liqueur – e.g., cassis, when fruit is not available). Many summer drinks could be derived from this very simple template:

Muddled fruit | citrus | sweetener | base liquor

On a side note, this got me thinking that there aren’t that many white rum drinks that use lemon as the citrus. Most commonly it is paired with lime (daiquiri and derivatives). It would be interesting to research other white rum + lemon drinks.


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3 thoughts on “Ready to Rumble

  1. In my experience creating tiki cocktails I’ve personally found lemon to be tough to work with. It’s a strong flavor and it has a way of obliterating subtleties unlike lime or white grapefruit. I notice I lose alot of nuance that white rum has when I use lemon. But lemon and blackberries do have a very natural pairing.. Even when cooking with blackberries I always add some fresh lemon zest.

    That doesn’t mean it can’t be good, just I haven’t cracked the code yet. Beautiful drink and glass. I need a few for myself.

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