A couple of quick summer soups

In summer I enjoy cold soups. One that I make regularly is Suvir Saran’s chilled yogurt soup with cucumber and mint from Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day. I love this soup because it is ready in 5 minutes in the blender and does not require any cooking. You start with a large pinch or two of cumin seeds that you roast for a couple of minutes in a pan then grind; I use a little coffee grinder dedicated for spices. Then you blend 2 cups of yogurt (I like to use the Greek yogurt from Trader Joe’s because it is quite thick), one large cucumber (cut in chunks with the skin on), a green chili (serrano or jalapeño – I use a little bit of jalapeño Tabasco, or BDW serrano cocktail spice that a friend makes locally, if I don’t have fresh green chilies), a large pinch of garam masala, the leaves from a bunch of fresh mint, salt & pepper. You just blend everything until the mint and cucumber skin are reduced to small green flecks. Garnish the soup with a dusting of cumin and a mint leaf. It’s really nice and fresh for the summer; it reminds me a little of cucumber raita in soup form.

Another good summer soup is this watermelon and cucumber gazpacho that I made last night. It was equal parts watermelon and cucumber, blended (it helps to start with the cucumber first as it is thicker) with plenty of lime juice (I used two limes for 1 cucumber and half a small seedless watermelon), the leaves from 2-3 mint sprigs, salt & black pepper. Garnish with finely diced watermelon and feta cheese, plus a small drizzle of good olive oil. Seasoning is key (otherwise the soup just tastes like a fruit smoothie!) – be generous with the salt & pepper and the flavors will pop.

Watermelon and cucumber gazpacho
Watermelon and cucumber gazpacho

What is your favorite cold summer soup?


  •  The watermelon and cucumber soup was inspired by this recipe found via Eat Your Books.

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