I did it so you would not have to

Ok, so if you really like absinthe please do me a favor. DON’T try this drink. It’s not the worst drink I’ve ever had, but it is not by any means a good use of absinthe, even though it is featured on the St. George website. Their absinthe itself is delicious and delicate, but this Green Russian cocktail, which is nothing else than a White Russian spiked with a generous dose of absinthe verte, manages to mask all these qualities.

First it hits you with intense and unpleasant bitterness. When you finally recover (it takes a while) you start to taste things beyond the bitterness. But it never comes together, and overall the absinthe and the coffee just clash and fight each other in this drink. Only try at your own risk!

Green Russian with vodka, coffee liqueur, whole milk, absinthe verte
2 oz vodka | 1 oz coffee liqueur | 1/2 oz absinthe verte | 1 oz whole milk | build on ice

My rationale for trying this was – we know that herbal liqueurs can go very well with coffee. For example, coffee can be spiked with Chartreuse to excellent effect. So absinthe did not seem so far-stretched. Maybe, with the right ratios and accompanying ingredients, something could be done…

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