Perfect Storm

  1. Leaky ice maker
  2. Freezer converted into giant block of ice
  3. Repairmen break a wall while “repairing” freezer
  4. Extensive leaks after repair
  5. Pay $250 and go back to step 2
  6. Spend 1 hour chiseling out ice to extract ingredients for dinner
  7. Kitchen transformed into a giant swimming pool
  8. Need a drink
  9. Abundant ice available, none suitable for cocktails
  10. Secret stash of Tovolo ice cubes located
  11. Cocktail achieved

Perfect Storm (Happiness Forgets) with El Dorado 8-year demerara rum, lemon juice, ginger liqueur, honey, plum brandy

Perfect Storm (Alastair Burgess, Happiness Forgets) 45 mL Skipper dark rum (1.5 oz El Dorado 8 year) 5 mL La Vieille Prune plum brandy (1/6 oz Etter Kleines Pflümli) 15 mL honey (0.5 oz honey syrup) 15 mL ginger juice (0.5 oz Canton ginger liqueur) 20 ml lemon juice (generous 0.5 oz) shake with ice serve in a tall, ice filled glass (serve on large rock in OF glass) lemon wedge garnish (no garnish)

Lovely drink and a great use of plum eau de vie – there is only a small amount but you can definitely taste it in the (long) finish. I would love to visit Happiness Forgets one day. It’s been on the list for a while, but I could not make it happen during my last London trips.   Further reading

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