From the archives

In the next few weeks,  I am going to start publishing on the blog a lot of items I posted over the years on the culinary message board eGullet. I’ve been active on eGullet as Frog Princesse for more than 10 years and close to 4000 posts now, well before I started the blog, and decided to start consolidating a lot of my content here on the blog so it would be all in one place. Also eGullet has been recently riddled with software issues, and I am concerned that one day all this content might be inaccessible or partially lost.

My copy of the Savoy Cocktail Book

I know that Erik Ellestad from the Savoy Stomp blog went through a similar process years ago. After moderating the Cocktail forum on eGullet and starting his famous Stomping Through the Savoy thread on there, he eventually migrated the content onto his own blog. This is giving me hope and inspiration that it can be done!

So expect long posts and large chunks of information on cocktails including:

Some of these discussion threads I actually initiated on eGullet, others I’ve been actively contributing to and keeping alive for many years together with my cocktailian friends.

On the cooking front, I plan on bringing a few things to the blog.

There are books that I’ve been cooking from for years and that I consider fantastic resources, so I would like to share these. They reflect my various food interests. The first one is Sunday Suppers at Lucques by Suzanne Goin, which is California cuisine at its best. French cuisine will be well represented with the solid classics from Anne Willan’s Country Cooking of France, and Anthony Bourdain’s Les Halles which is a brief and fun/profane read. There will also be various recipes from Mario Batali because Italian cuisine is another favorite. Maybe a bit of Charcuterie too, because it’s good to have little tasty bits to go with our cocktails. Lastly there will be desserts, because everybody loves desserts.

There will likely be a bunch more, together with some new content.

Let’s get started…


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