Mai Tai variations

What is great with classic cocktails is that they have such a strong structure, even with a twist they still make fabulous drinks. That explains why great cocktails are an endless source of inspiration. You can riff on them to death and still come up with something decent.

1944 Trader Vic Mai Tai with Denizen Merchant's Reserve rum, lime juice, Clement Creole shrubb, homemade orgeat, simple syrup #cocktail #cocktails #craftcocktails #tiki #tikidrinks #tradervic #rum

Mai Tai variations are generally built on a template of base spirit | citrus | orgeat | orange liqueur. In its classic iteration, the Mai Tai is a sour where aged rum is the base spirit, lime is the citrus, and orgeat (almond syrup) + orange curaçao serve a dual purpose as the sweeteners and modifiers. The orgeat adds a nutty, floral and slightly creamy flavor to the drink, while the curaçao contributes a foundation of bitter orange peel. Continue reading