Where is everything?


Absinthe: Absinthe Frappée

Apple brandy & Calvados: Vinegar Girl, Williams Fizz

Aquavit: Peg Leg Punch

Bourbon: Omar Bradley, Ninth Ward, Whiskey Old Fashioned

Cognac & Armagnac : Cognac Manhattan, Gascon Smash, “Perfect” Sazerac, Maid In France, Turkey Legs

Gin: Alaska, Bitter Elder, Bloodhound, Corpse Reviver No. 2, Eastern Gimlet, Gix Fix, The Imperial Cocktail, Milano Swizzle, The Monroe, The Riviera, Rye Gin Old Fashioned, Satan’s Whiskers, Southern Exposure, Sunflower, Vision of Division, The Wink

Japanese whisky: The Japanese Highball

Mezcal: Maximilian Affair

Okolehao: Halekulani Cocktail

Rum: Acid Daiquiri, The Ancient Mariner, Chien Chaud, Donga Punch, Jim’s Special, Kaieteur Swizzle, Louanalao, Montego Bay, Navy Grog (Don the Beachcomber), Oh Gosh, Paddington, Piña Colada, Rumble, Rum DMC, Start of a New Road, Ti Punch, Turkey Legs, Vicious Virgin #2, Volcano Bowl, Walnut Mai Tai, 1956 Zombie

Rye: Cobble Hill, The Doe’s Path, “Perfect” Sazerac, Spring Sazerac, Sweet and Vicious, Ward Eight, Winter Diamondback, You Only Live Twice

Scotch: The End of the Road, Pete’s Word, Start of a New Road

Tennessee whiskey: Fatigue

Tequila: El Puente, Jim’s Special, Resting Point, Vicious Virgin #2

Vodka: Dreamy Dorini Smoking Martini, Peg Leg Punch


Cocktail ingredients

Falernum, Orgeat



Desserts: Calvados Ice Cream, Chartreuse Ice Cream, Rustic Fruit Tarts

Snacks: Benton’s bacon almonds, Fenacho Cheese, Wild Boar Salami

Soups: Chilled Yogurt Soup with Cucumber and Mint, Cucumber Sorrel Gazpacho, Watermelon and Cucumber Gazpacho, White Gazpacho

Mains: Grilled Duck Breasts with Roasted Grapes

Syrups: Elderflower Cordial


San Diego

Favorites places for a casual meal in San Diego

La Jolla: The Hake

North Park: Polite Provisions

Tiki Oasis (August 2014)

San Diego Beer & Cocktail News (July 2014)



The Artesian Bar, La Bodega Negra, Borough Market, Chiltern Firehouse, The Corner Room, The Nightjar, Peg + Patriot, Satan’s Whiskers (and here), J. Sheekey Oyster Bar, The Whisky Exchange, Wright Brothers



Taking the Plunge


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