Sometimes it’s the middle of an already long week and you feel tired. You need a pre-dinner cocktail but you don’t have any desire to press citrus, prepare elaborate syrups, or measure complicated ratios. rogue beta cocktails, the little cocktail booklet published by Kirk Estopinal and Maksym Pazuniak (Maks) in 2011, has a lot of cocktails with unusual and bold flavor profiles. Fatigue, an equal parts cocktail, was designed for bartenders suffering from palate fatigue after a long shift.

Fatigue: Tennessee whiskey, maraschino liqueur, Angostura bitters, grapefruit twist
1 oz Tennessee whiskey | 1 oz maraschino liqueur | 1 oz Angostura bitters | shake and strain* | grapefruit twist

This drink was created by a bartender for bartenders at the end of shift. It tastes very different after you have straw tasted 150 citrus drinks and 100 brown and stirred. You have serious palate fatigue, thus the name, and you need something with HUGE flavors. Trust me this is really tasty at 2:30am on a Friday night. (Toby Maloney on eGullet)

With its equal parts Tennessee whiskey, maraschino liqueur, and Angostura bitters, it’s an opalescent dark maroon color in the glass. I loved the taste right away. For me Angostura in large quantities has a banana-cinnamon quality that I find irresistible. Combined with the smooth Tennessee whiskey and the funk of the maraschino liqueur, this is a terrific cocktail. The grapefruit twist adds a touch of lightness. It almost tastes like a smoothie, with of course a deliciously intense bitterness from the Angostura.

(*) Although the book says to shake, after some hesitation I ended up stirring it based on the photo from the book and the fact that it does not contain citrus

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