Gin fix

The fix is a very old recipe dating back to the days of Jerry Thomas, and it could not be easier. It’s a gin sour on crushed ice and that’s pretty much it. We’ve explored the Bramble before and its rum-based cousin the Rumble, but here we don’t use fruit or fruit liqueur in the drink, just gin, lemon juice, and simple syrup. It’s good for those lazy muggy summer days because it can be built directly in the glass and swizzled.

When you have a fantastically flavorful gin like St. George Terroir, simple is the way to go. It allows you can appreciate the California coast aromas of the gin – Douglas fir, sage, and bay laurel.

Something's  missing
2 oz gin | 3/4 oz lemon juice | 3/4 oz simple syrup | add to chilled glass | add crushed ice

But wait… there is something missing here. It’s a simple drink but it screams for a nice garnish. Use any seasonal fruit that strikes your fancy.

Here – much better.

Fix with St George terroir gin

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3 thoughts on “Gin fix

  1. This looks like a nice and easy cocktail that I might try one of these days. I’m mostly a wine drinker, but my husband doesn’t like wine (or any alcohol, really). I’m trying to find some drinks that we could enjoy together. Maybe we’ll start him off with less than the regulation amount of gin. 🙂

    • Prabha- You are right, this is a very approachable cocktail that most people will enjoy. Let me know what you think if you end up making it! It’s also very good with muddled berries when they are in season (Bramble).

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